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12:30 PM
Admob Revenue Increase: Better RPM and Match Rate Tips (Not Blackhat)

You need more RPM from adsense but you are getting less of it. Why?

This is a video showing how you can increase your RPM revenue on admob by using the right strategy.

Well there is always an option to increase the RPM. This is not a black hat trick that will get you banned.
It is just common sense.

If you are from Pakistan, India or Bangladesh you will see that your ad revenue is too low and the reason for that is because the revenue is based on ads. Advertisements are mostly provided by US based companies. They want to rank on keywords or on locations.

Now what is RPM on Google Play?
RPM changes with more impressions. The more impressions ads are getting on your app the lower your RPM will be.

Google says it optimizes RPM automatically and that is great if you are from a european country. But if you are based in Asian countries, you need to need to maintain the impression rate yourself

Are you getting what I am saying?

Just set your own RPM.

Start by 10 impressions per minute and then decrease it every week by analyzing the target. Now there will be a point where you will have the best RPM and the most revenue.

If you are getting below 0.50 RPM you need to change it. if you are getting more than 0.80 RPM you need to decrease it because than google will be monitoring your account for fake clicks and you dont want it to be banned.

So, how do you do that?
How to fix Admob RPM for Apps?

  • Just head to Admob account 
  • Click monetize
  • and then click on the app you want to set RPM for
  • Now set the RPM in "show no more than ____ impressions per minute"

That's it.

Now change it if you see lower earnings. I have witnessed increase in revenue because of better impression control.

Also, if you don't see any significant change you can change it to no cap on impression or let google adjust impressions automatically. Your call.

Good luck.

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