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7 Proven Tips To Improve Google Adsense CPC And CTR In 2018

Are you looking for ways on how to increase CTR AdSense? If you are searching to increase AdSense cpc of your blogs in 2018, you are in the right place.

We all know that Google AdSense is the most popular PPC (Pay Per Click) network where any website owner can use them to increase their online visibility and click through rates.

As I have been using Google AdSense for a long time now (also used for years for this blog), I know few secret tips that can help you increase your CPC and CTR rates to boost your income.

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What Is Google Adsense CPC?

In simple words, CPC is cost per click and it is the money that we earn for each click made on Google Adsense ads placed on our website. There are so many ways to increase your CPC rates on your websites

  • Create relevant ads
  • Create compelling ads that attract visitors to click
  • Optimize your ads text

And many more which we will be covering in this detailed article to improve Google AdSense CPC rates.

What Is Adsense CTR?

Click Through rate is the percentage of people clicking Google Adsense ads on our website.

Let’s imagine your average CPC is $0.2 and if you have got 12,500 average clicks. You should recieve around $5,000. Now, if your CPC had been $0.3 with the same number of average clicks, you could generate $7,500. See, just with a $0.1 increase, you are able to generate $2,500. This is the reason why you need to focus on improving your click through rates (CTR) instead of focusing on getting more clicks in the first place.

Google Adsense CPC will depend a lot on your website niche. But if you are operating in a highly competitive niche, cost per click (CPC) will be much higher on the Google Adsense ads that are placed on your website. But highly competitive niche means, you need to put in extra efforts and time to get targeted traffic to your website.

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Lots of people think that the only way to improve CTR is targeting the highest paying keywords, but that will not be much productive. The key for improving Google Adsense CTR will be targeting the right niche and enriching targeted content, improving CTR and being an authority website in your niche etc. Being an Google Adsense publisher, we need to look at ways to improve our Google Adsense CPC and CTR.

Tips to Improve Google Adsense CPC

So here are Top 7 Tips that will help you improve your Google Adsense CPC and CTR:

How To Improve Google AdSense CPC And CTR In 2018

Tips to improve Google Adsense CPC & CTR in 2018

Before diving into the details, you must know few things about increasing your CPC and CTR.

How to calculate your CPC?


Your CPC will be less than or equal to max. bid, because it’s an avg of bids of all the competitors in a specific period of time. Lets get into the details without much ado on increasing your CPC and CTR rates using Google AdSense PPC ads.

1. Website Niche

First thing that you have to do is choose a good niche for your website. Niche related to internet marketing, web development, finance, gaming and health etc are high paying as the CPC for keywords related to these niche’s are quite good. Most of the times, you would not get good CPC in case you decide to go for education or entertainment related niche’s.

It doesn’t matter how much you want to make from Google AdSense, you just have first focus on choosing a website niche that is either ever green or giving you rock solid income opportunities for a long time. Selecting your niche can determine how much money you can generate each and every month from your Google AdSense ads.

Please go through the above article for picking up a better niche for your businesses to make more money online each and every month.

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2. Find Profitable Keywords

Do you want to know how to increase CTR AdSense? Create a list of all the profitable keyword ideas in your field and start using them while creating content for your blogs.

Keyword research is the key to increase AdSense CPC. If you are looking for proven ways on how to get high cpc adsense for your blogs, here are few keyword research tips for you.

  • Spy on your competitors best performing keywords. One of the easiest ways on how to increase your CTR AdSense is to find out all the keywords that are being used by the top earning blogs in your field. You can do this by using tools such as SEMrush. It can really help you find out all the top keywords of any niche! Here’s a detailed guide about it.
  • Always find long tail keywords. They are easier to rank and give you lots of search traffic to your blogs. You can create lots of content by using long tail keywords. If you are wondering how to increase AdSense CPC with long tail keywords, I highly recommend you to give a try to Long Tail Pro.
  • Make sure to find and use the keywords with a global search volume between 1000 to 2000 monthly searches. Using low competitive keywords can really help you increase adsense cpc.
  • Always write keyword rich content. Before creating any new content for your blogs, make sure to do keyword research. Only after finding the primary and secondary keywords for your blogs, start creating content around it. That way you can quickly boost your blog’s search traffic as well as AdSense CPC and CTR.

3. Create Compelling Ads That Attract Visitors To Click

Focus on choosing your website visitors over ads. If you focus on your customers needs and wants, you will be able to create better Google AdSense campaigns to make decent passive income from AdSense ads. Use Google adwords keywords suggestion tool to come up with relevant phrases for your ads, focus on how competitive the keywords are and also analyze how much they can generate you for each keyword.

You need to ask yourself few questions before creating any campaign. Here few of them are

  • Are these keywords searchable on Google?
  • Do people really like to click on these ads without thinking much?
  • How much each ad can generate (per click) aka analyze your CPC

Compelling ads always generate more CTR as they don’t give any false hopes to the visitors, and compelling ads always stand out from the competition. While creating ads, don’t imagine you are creating ads to generate more money, instead think from your customers point of view to generate more clicks.

Your headline of the ad, description and URL are the 3 essential ingredients that can make or break your click through rates, so make sure to have

  • a powerful headline
  • irresistible URL and
  • a search engine friendly description

Ad placement is also the key.

Where you put your ads on your blog’s design plays a huge role in increasing your AdSense CTR and CPC. Here’s a simple screenshot that explains you about the ad placement.

ad location

The first block (which can be seen left side above) usually gives you highest AdSense CPC and CTR because the ad placement is so good when compared to the second block.

4. Quality Content Is The Key

Quality content is one the primary reasons few websites get more CTR and CPC rates from Google AdSense ads. The websites that generate more income from AdSense focus on creating relevant content instead of writing everything under the sun.

One thing should keep in mind is that you should write contents around your website niche only. This way, you will be able to convert your website into well themed website for that niche. In case, you start writing about unrelated niche, you will see drop in click through rate you are getting on your Google Adsense Ads.

This way you may even lose lots of your existing users as they are visiting your website to see latest contents about that niche only and not about any unrelated niche. Hope you got my point.

5. Create Converting Landing Pages

Once the visitor lands on your site for the first time, he will be first noticing your design elements of your websites. If your design is messy and give a spam feel, they will click exit button right away. So don’t create messy design just to generate more sales from your ads, it can kill your conversion rates.

Don’t create false promises on your landing pages and always make sure to deliver what you have promised  on your headlines, or description of the ads. That way you will be able to get more CPC (cost per click) rates from your Google AdSense campaigns.

Here are few tips for increasing your AdSense CTR and CPC with your landing pages.

  • Always focus on creating landing pages that are less distractive. The less distraction you provide the more benefits you will get.
  • Use tools like GetResponse, LeadPages etc to create landing pages. They are cost effective and extremely easy to create stunning landing pages.
  • Analayze how others are using landing pages in your field. See if you can replicate some of their features to boost your AdSense CTR.

6. Visitors Location

Your website visitors location (geometric location such as US, UK, India) also matter when it comes about improving the CRT for Google Adsense Ads. A single click from US location can give you a CPC of $1 to $5 or even more and while the same click from Asian location will give you a CPC of $.01 to $1 only.

You should look at ways to improve traffic from US location on your website if you want more AdSense earnings. If you are targeting India as the target market, you will see lower amount of money per CPC. But if you are getting majority of traffic on your website from US, you will see much higher cost per click on your Google Adsense ad units.

So make sure to define your target market before entering into any niche. Few best niches that can send you lots of US traffic to increasing your earnings are below.

  • Fitness
  • Cooking
  • Real estate
  • Games
  • Technology
  • News
  • Entertainment
  • Gossip
  • Weight loss etc.

7. Nurture Your SEO Efforts

On-page SEO and proper SEO optimization is really the key to increasing your AdSense CPC and CTR.

Make sure to use your targeted keywords within your title tags, sub headings, URL, image alt tags, links and throughout the body to make your content rank well in Google search results.

But be aware of keyword stuffing. If you use the same keywords repeatedly, Google crawlers may think your content is spam and it will penalize your rankings. Use relevant keywords instead of keyword stuffing, it can really help you boost your search rankings.

By following the above mentioned tips, you will be able to improve your Google Adsense CPC and CTR. If I missed an important tip that could help us increase Google AdSense cost per click or click through rate, don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments.

Final Thoughts About Increasing AdSense CPC And CTR In 2018

Improving Google AdSense CPC and CTR is not a hard task, and anyone with basic skills on how to turn visitors into prospects can generate a good average income from PPC ads. Conversion tracking is also a major factor that can decide your CTR rates as you need to focus on getting more click through rates than increasing your ad budget.

If you implement the above 7 tips, not only you will increase your traffic but also you can increase your AdSense CPC and CTR of your blogs. Just make sure to create keyword rich content by analyzing your competitors and you will soon notice better results.

Let me know if you have any questions related to improving your AdSense CPC and CTR rates.

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